We’re always evolving, becoming new people from the situations we’ve survived. I try hard to embrace that, to make myself better after every wobbly turn.

I don’t really believe anything has inherent value. That’s what’s helped me only do the things I love. I’m very happy right now. My mind is full of tiny roads and some of them get a little dark. I’m worried that this isn’t something that will stay.

Be with someone who feels like summer air just after it rained.

I drove 27 miles south to Carrabelle Beach by myself last weekend and tasted briny ocean wind on the empty sand in the afternoon just past the midday showers but just before the sun was noticeably closer to the Earth’s fading edge. The feeling of cool air running off miles and miles of open water is as close to freedom as one can experience while trapped in still flesh. Every piece of me understood that I could never go back to how I lived before.


I grew up being told I wasn’t good enough but I never believed it. I can’t think of a more telling reason of why I am the way I am.