Anonymous asked: I used to read and I used to write and now I just drink, play video games and jack off. Any advice to get back into the habit?

the fuck you asking me for you literally just explained what you now do in lieu of reading and writing

I’m laying in bed at 2 am and the only thing I can hear is loose change in my dryer and I feel idle swathes of air from the small desk fan I’ve propped on my night stand drift onto my back and everything seems so mediocre and I can’t remember how I felt two years ago or who I made believe I had it together or why I lose track of the weeks. I sometimes feel guilty for the things I’ve done and the time I’ve wasted but I don’t think guilt has ever lifted someone up so I try and cut away but these ropes are thick.

jeniffervalvarenga asked: Let's be pen pals!

1700 N Monroe
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Tallahassee, FL 32303

mentallyyfuckedd asked: I like your writing, and I like your sarcasm, and you're just F A B.

I’ve never been called fab before. Thanks.

Anonymous asked: Can't tell if you're an asshole because you're tall, you've suddenly become attractive because of your weight-loss or because you're just one of those really "difficult souls" who happens to have a knack for writing. Explain yourself.