Some of you know and some of you don’t, I run a publishing house. We make books. The thing about that is we need people who write books. Have you written a book? Do you want it to get published? 

send a finished manuscript with your e-mail address on it to 

Felix Exi

PO Box 5262

Traverse City, MI, 49696

and I’ll look over and it and get back to you.

e-mail any questions to

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    FYI fellow writers
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    even though i NEVER EVER share my stories, someone out there might want to lol.
  8. runningsoul said: once i write mine this summer…<3
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  10. mapandroadsign said: Are you only publishing certain genres or does it matter? I wrote a book several years ago that is a fictional book based on actual facts surrounding the Columbine shooting. It has always just sat on my shelf. :)
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