If you’re a writer and you post something and people criticize your grammar, it’s because that’s all they understand. To make an analogy, it’s like having the world’s fastest car and then somebody on a tricycle starts making fun of you because there’s a ding on your back bumper.

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    Maybe I’m coming from a bit of a weird angle here, but I must say this. English is my second language and my native...
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    I beleive this is the same telanu who used “who’s” and “whose” correctly. (And I mistyped “believe” up there but decided...
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    Very true, Pers! I appreciate it. Never hesitate to point out mistakes if you find them in my story. :) X
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    Grammar is important. I will stop reading if the grammar is constantly terrible. If there are a few “mistakes” (and by...
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    I’m talking about people who can’t make up their damned minds which tense they’re writing in - and randomly switch...
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    I’d just like to say that I often stop reading things because of grammar. Not if it’s just a few misspellings or...
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