Unsolicited and non-exlusive advice to my younger readers

If you’re deciding about going to college, I implore you to consider the consequences of accruing tens of thousands of dollars of debt. There’s nothing poetic about not being able to sleep because you’ve got $500 less than is needed at the end of the month. Remember that the typical college education is a socially constructed paradigm to success that, especially in recent years, is proving a faulty route towards achieving many people’s expectations and goals. I’m not saying saying don’t go to college, I’m saying don’t mistake a hefty tuition bill for anything more than an exploitative expense. I went to 6 places of higher education– community colleges, a big state school, a private liberal arts college– and, more impactful than anything I learned in the classroom were the lessons I learned outside of it. Ones that didn’t necessitate I was a member of any college or even of one at all. Of course, if you want to be a surgeon or engineer or chemist, my advice isn’t as applicable, but if you’re one of my peers who seeks validation through less quantifiable means, I encourage you to explore the anxiety-inducing unknown with youthful vigor.

  1. macedonianmess said: I wish that more people saw it this way because it’s absolutely true, Blake. I had this discussion with my family this year. I completely understand you!
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    It really helps to work while going to school. That way you have a mix of school and on the job experience. I am one of...
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    Amen and amen. I have said for years that for 90% of people, it doesn’t make a damned bit of difference where you go to...
  9. ckharlan66 said: This is so true. If you can’t afford it in 4 years just do it slower and work your way through, but, coming out with massive debt will hinder your future.
  10. hitchingtoomanymiles said: travel abroad instead
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